SOE Software

With the Winter Meeting of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) coming up in less than a month, SOE Software, a global provider of voter registration and election management systems, contacted Haneke Design with an urgent request:  create a video that will highlight the benefits of SOE’s system in time for the company to show it in their booth and at a reception during the meeting.

Despite the huge rush, the final product turned out polished and its messaging spot on. “The video looks great,” said Maureen Szlemp, SOE’s marketing manager for North America. “Only positive feedback from the group here. You are all rock stars!”

I worked as part of a two man team, helping create the storyboard, finding the voice talent and animating the assets created by the designer. We created two versions of the video, one that loops perfectly to be used in their booth and a non-looping version that could be posted online. I also created a logo build the client could use on future projects, this wasn’t part of the contract of work, but since I had already created the animation, we figured we’d go the extra mile.